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is to be at the forefront of conscious entertainment, where every project we produce contributes to building a more compassionate and united world. We envision Vibe Tribe Sac as a catalyst for meaningful connections, encouraging artists and audiences alike to embark on a shared journey of self-discovery and collective growth.

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Professional dancer, choreographer, creative director and international dance educator; Jalen Tyre strives to develop collaborative leaders and inspire a passion for the performing arts in his students. The Sacramento native trained in African dance, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Modern and more.


Represented by Clear Talent Group and MDT Agency SF Tyre has been featured in global campaigns for Samsung, Tik-Tok, Puma, Volkswagen and One Plus, to name a few. He has performed live on American Idol, Good Morning America, Kids Choice Awards Mexico, Late Late Show with James Corden, America’s Got Talent, Latin American Music Awards and the Super Bowl LV Halftime show alongside 4x Grammy Award winning, singer-songwriter, The Weeknd. As company member of both Chapkis Dance Family and S-Rank Dance Crew, Tyre competed on Season’s 1 & 2 of NBC’s World of Dance, worked with Lil Uzi Vert in the 2023 B.E.T AWards,  Katy Perry, Annuel, Sech, WolfTyla and Nicky Jam, as well as toured internationally with 6x Latin Grammy Award winner Daddy Yankee for the Con Calma Tour. In Jalens most recent endeavors, he choreographed for the Sacramento Kings half time performance in the 2023 NBA Playoffs. 

Jalen Tyre has taught and adjudicated in Kazakhstan, Asia, Moscow, Russia and Toronto, Canada, and is founder of pre-professional dance training program @VT916FAM as well as producer of original stage production @THEESTOOP.



"Introducing Shontea Evans—a dancer, singer, entrepreneur, and dedicated mother. Shontea's dance journey commenced during high school when she became part of the BSU dance team. Her undeniable talent and leadership skills led her to the position of captain, igniting a lifelong passion for dance.


Years later, after a chance encounter with a pop-up dance class, Shontea's passion for dance was rekindled, propelling her into a world of like-minded individuals who shared her love for movement. This fortuitous event ultimately led her to her first dance mentors and secured her spot in the vibrant dance collective, Grooveology.


Shontea's commitment to her craft only grew from there. She pursued a path of continuous learning, engaging in diverse dance classes and receiving training from various mentors. This journey shaped her into the exceptional dancer she is today. With a background in a musically-inclined family, Shontea's talents extend beyond dance. She has lent her voice to church choirs, explored the violin, delved into sheet music, and even explored the realms of beat-making and crafting instrumentals.


Beyond her artistic pursuits, Shontea's entrepreneurial prowess was honed early on, thanks to her grandmother's mentorship. Learning the ropes of managing multiple businesses simultaneously, Shontea's entrepreneurial spirit blossomed into creating her own business—a true embodiment of her passions. Through her products and creations, she is dedicated to contributing to her community's healing and growth.


In all her endeavors, whether on the dance floor, in the realm of music, or within the realm of entrepreneurship, Shontea's overarching mission remains consistent: to utilize the arts as a vehicle for both personal growth and community enrichment. Join Shontea on her remarkable journey of creativity, self-discovery, and meaningful impact."




We are a creative production agency that puts community in the front.


Kaylissa Dunson, a multifaceted creative, plant based chef, and natural born leader. 

Kaylissa grew up an athlete training across many different fields including, martial arts, track and field, and basketball. It wasn't until her second year attending Consumes River College that Kaylissa took her first dance class, and from there a passion was brewed so strong it turned into a purpose. Kaylissa took several semesters of dance at the college, until she ventured out into the local dance community. From there she became a member of Grooveology, and trained at many local dance studios nurturing her new found craft. She has appeared in many music and promotional videos, the ensemble of the Woodland Opera Houses "In the Heights" production, and has taught at several studios in the Northern California area. 

Outside of the arts, Kaylissa is a strong advocate of health and nutrition. As a five year plant based consumer, she has become so passionate about her journey with her diet that she started her own conscious consumption eatery, Kay's So Delicious Kitchen. Her purpose is to help educate her community on the benefits of plant based eating and demonstrating how to incorporate this lifestyle into your own practices. She believes that what we are what we consume; from the foods we eat to the music we listen to and the things we watch. Through conscious consumption we can take back our power, and connect back with our true self. 

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